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Diet & Nutrition

Proper diet and nutrition can help your pet fight against disease, maintain a proper weight, and promote the overall well-being of your pet.


Maintaining a healthy body weight is a very important aspect of a pet’s overall physical health. Good nutrition can help provide your pet with a happier, safer, and longer life. There are many nutritional supplements that can help fight against disease, maintain a proper weight, and promote the overall well-being of any animal.

Why is maintaining a healthy weight important?

Obesity is a common problem among pets, as it can be easy to overfeed a pet that knows how to beg. Being overweight is a serious problem for animals, and can cause health problems as they get older. With proper diet and exercise, all pets should be able to meet their dietary needs and be within a healthy weight range. The best way to make sure your pet’s needs are being met is to consult with us about a specific diet for your pet and their lifestyle. Our staff will help your pet battle unhealthy weight gain and counsel you on the best nutritional options available.

When is a diet change needed?

Pets should be fed a balanced wellness diet based on a number of factors, including their life stage, their breed or size, activity level, and any health issues they have. Diet changes are recommended when they enter a new life stage. For example, transitioning is recommended from puppy or kitten to adult, or from adult to senior, which is usually around age seven. Diet changes may also be recommended if your pet develops any issues that could be treated with a prescription diet, such as obesity or a food allergy.

How diet & nutrition can help your pet

We will help you make the right dietary changes for your pet so that they can stay on track living their happy and healthy lives. A healthy diet and good nutrition can reduce or even eliminate the following problems:

  • pet allergies

  • itching and scratching

  • dull coat

  • arthritis

  • joint and hip problems

  • intestinal disorders

Skin and coat supplements are a great way to keep your pet looking and feeling their best. Arthritis and joint supplements can be helpful for many pets as they age.

Prescription Diets

Of course, what kind of vet clinic would we be if we didn't have prescription diets? One great way to help manage medical conditions is to manage them with food specifically formulated to target the necessary vitamins and ingredients that will help support organs under stress. From finding the right hydrolyzed proteins for your allergy dog to extending the life of your kidney cat by a few extra years, we are fully stocked to help your pet live a happier, healthier life - without having to administer that extra medication!

Hover over the images below for a full list of prescription diets currently available.

It is important to note that many of these diets come in both a dry and canned form, as well in different flavours. We are also taking special orders so that we can provide clients with any food they need without having to make the extra trip to another clinic or to the pet store - just pick up both your pet's food in one stop. 

We also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on the diets we stock - If your pet doesn't like it or won't eat it we will exchange the food for a different flavour or brand. Making sure our pets are eating well and getting the right nutrition is the first step in keeping them happy and healthy.