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  Parasite Prevention   

Unfortunately, we see a lot of parasites here in Alberta, despite our harsh winters. With the warmer temperatures and extensive travel, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of parasite infestations being treated in the Sherwood Park area.


Naturally, our best defense against parasites is preventative treatment - oral and topical dewormers as well as internal and external parasite control is stocked all year round. We maintain an inventory for cats, dogs, tick, flea, worms - you name it we have it April, August, or December. 

It is important to remember when travelling that certain conditions have not been introduced to Alberta yet - and we'd like to keep it that way! If you plan on travelling with your pet please make sure to contact us in advance so that we can special order in any additional protection you may need. It may not seem far, but Alberta doesn't have an incidence rate of Heartworm, but our coastal provinces do. Even within Canada there can be different risks so make sure you have everything you need before you travel - it is always easier and cheaper to prevent a disease than it is to treat one.

For those of you who don;t get squeamish, scroll through the slideshow below to see some of the creepy crawly's we've pulled off (or out) of - our patients. All of these photos were taken of patients we have seen and treated in our facilities. 

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