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This is by far the hardest page to write. There is no good way to say goodbye to someone you love. If you like, you may continue reading and learn a bit more about the process, and some things that may happen to prepare yourself. If this is too much for you, please take a break or go to another page. The purpose is not to upset anyone, but to provide the information for those who need it. In some cases, having an analytic breakdown of a hard situation can help you prepare - in other cases nothing will make it easier. To not provide this information would be a disservice to those who need it. While these notes do not contain anything graphic, it may be emotionally trying to read through the procedure. Please make whatever choice is right for at this point. We are always available to speak with you if it would be easier. 

   Saying Goodbye   

The term Euthanasia is derived from the Greek "eu" meaning good or well and "thanatos" meaning death - this term literally translates to mean 'good death'. It is contradictory to believe that losing a loved one can be a good thing. 


We recognize that it is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved family member - but we do try our best to make it as easy a transition on our clients and, even more so, our patients as we can. Please, if there is anything that we can do to make this process easier on you, let us know. Everyone grieves differently and everyone has different needs. If there is anything we can do to make the decision easier on you, tell us. We are only here to help. 

Before we can perform any type of procedure we are legally required to have performed an examination on the pet within the last year at minimum. Our doctor will speak with you about your concerns, assess the pet to determine the best way to proceed and then explain to you how the procedure will take place.

After the initial examination our clients have the choice to either stay with their pet in their final moments or say their goodbyes and leave their pet with us for the procedure. The animal is usually given a sedative to relax them and then they are taken to the back treatment area to have an IV catheter placed. The pet is then returned to their family for final goodbyes. There is no time limit - the room is yours for as long as you need. 


When you are ready, the veterinarian will come and deliver an overdose of anesthetic which first puts the pet to sleep and then stops the heart. The animal never feels any pain and is relaxed throughout the procedure.

While the passing is peaceful for the pet, it may be hard on you and your family - especially if you don't know what to expect. As the body relaxes all of the muscles relax. Because of this, it is not uncommon for the animal to lose control of their bladder and bowel. Muscle tension is also required to keep the eyelids closed, so your pets eyes will remain open even after they have passed. There is also a condition called agonal breathing, in which the animal appears to take a few deep breathes after they have passed. This is less common, but is a normal reaction and can be confusing if you are unaware of it.

After the procedure you are able to take your pet home for burial or have them cremated. We offer communal cremation which is when your pet is cremated with others and then scattered collectively. Alternatively, many people prefer to take their pets cremains home with them.


We have partnered with Animal Cremation Services to provide you and your family with options to memorialize your pet. To learn more about cremation or the different urns available, please follow the embedded link to their official website. 

If you would like to remember your pet in another way, we do offer in house clay paw prints and ink paw prints. Additionally, we provide Peartree Impressions Paw Prints which are beautiful clay imprints of your pets paw painted by a group of artists and then kiln-fired and glazed. If you have any questions about any of our services or would like to learn more about the fur match options please call us. An animal never truly leaves, so long as they remain in our hearts and our memories. 


   The Appointment and Procedure  

   Paw Prints   

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